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Following Footsteps In Freeport
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Book Title: Following Footsteps in Freeport
Record Number: 3734
Author: Thompson Brandt
Author Bio: Thompson Brandt is a college dean, civic leader, author, conductor, clarinetist, and photographer. Among subjects he has also written about are Harry Truman, John Philip Sousa, and Jane Addams. His books have been published by Edwin Mellen in New York and the Stephenson County Historical Society in Illinois. Articles he's written have appeared in On Wisconsin, Illinois Heritage, and Journal of the Northern Plains. Following Footsteps in Freeport is his first attempt in writing fiction.
ISBN: 978-1-61863-365-1
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: Thompson.Brandt@highland.edu
Book Description:   Between the covers of Following Footsteps in Freeport are poignant and humorous stories with images set in Freeport, Illinois, also known as the Pretzel City. You'll read about the moon, a third grader's early attempts at writing, words of wisdom from a notable biographer, and why the author of Following Footsteps in Freeport considers the Pretzel City his center of the universe. There are also tales about illnesses, a horse named "Maggie," a great university, courtships and a wedding, a cherished gift, dreams, and dropping off a daughter for her freshman year at college. Finally, you'll encounter sagas about a father-son relationship, composing for the clarinet, an exchange student's year-long stay in the Pretzel City, and a trip down memory lane in a prized home. It's looking good in Freeport! "Following Footsteps in Freeport brings to life some of the people and personalities who for more than a hundred years have built the family, community, and cultural environment of Northwestern Illinois. In telling these stories, some of them true and some only partly true, Thompson Brandt provides an entertaining glimpse into what's appealing about our small town way of life. He gives us the sparkling, real-world details behind our community vision of being 'a great place to live, work, and grow.'" -- Lynn Feaver, volunteer with Prospering Together, Freeport, Illinois All profits from the sale of this book will help support the selfless service provided by Freeport Noon Rotary to citizens in Northwest Illinois and throughout the world.
Book Pages: 164
Price:   $24.95
Ebook Format Available   Pdf
Ebook Price   $9.99
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